A downloadable game for Windows


Current version:Beta 0.9.0

Missing features: item and inventory icons

A Journey to Eternity is a 2D metroidvania-like exploration platform action-adventure game. You play as Finisher #137. Your goal is to travel Eternity: Core and destroy Existence, so a new cycle may begin.


Arrow keys / D-pad or left analogue stick: Control character

Z: Jump

X: Attack

C: Throw shuriken (if you have any)

S: Use shield (if you have found it)

Esc: Quit (opens dialogue that asks you if you want to quit)

Enter: Pause

Ctrl + Q: Terminate (quits instantly)

Install instructions

Run Journey_win32.exe on Windows, run.sh on Linux (64-bit only). If the Linux version does not work, try to install Allegro 5.2.

Run "run_windows.bat" or "run_windowed.sh" to run the game in the windows mode (wouldn't have guessed, eh?)


Journey_beta1_win32.zip 19 MB
Journey_beta1_linux64.tar.gz 19 MB


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Very fun game, thanks.

Just in case, I had to reload after defeating Bobby because nothing happened the first time I beat it, and the same happened after defeating Corruption and after defeating Core.