A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


A Quest for Flying Oyster Sauce is a turn-based puzzle game with

  • A unique (well, not really) jumping mechanics
  • Enemies that do not kill you, but that can - and must -  be used as platforms
  • 25 different & challenging stages
  • A lot of different puzzle elements



You must solve 25 puzzles to get a bottle of flying oyster sauce for whatever reason.



  • Arrow keys: walk/climb
  • Space: Press to ready a jump. You can change direction. Release to jump
  • R: Restart level
  • Enter: Pause/select
  • F4 / Alt+Enter: Toggle full screen (also possible in the options menu)
  • Left Ctrl + Q: Instant quit


The game features an auto-save mechanic: the game is saved automatically every time you quit the application. However, if the application crashes, the progress will be lost


Project on GitHub:

(Note that the code in GitHub is the development code and may slightly differ from the source code posted here. When building the game, it's recommended to use the source code posted on itch.io)



Game: Jani Nykänen

Music: H0dari

Install instructions


Just unzip the zip file and run AQFFOS.exe

Linux 64-bit:

Run run.sh. You may need to install libvorbis and other audio libraries if you are using a system where they are not installed by default.

Linux 32-bit:

Build from source. See below

Source code:

Build instructions found in README.md


Windows build (32-bit) 2 MB
Linux build (64-bit) 3 MB
Source code 1 MB


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Please make a Mac build. I'd like to play this :)

What a great puzzle game! Reminds me a bit of Catrap on GameBoy. I collected every gold star and enjoyed every second of it. Thank you!