Arrow keysMove player
ZAttack with a sword (if you have one)
XShoot an arrow with a bow (if you have one)
EnterPause/unpause game

Supported browsers:

- Chrome, Opera, Firefox

Edge & Safari not officially supported


You cannot save your progress in this game. It takes about 15-30 minutes to beat the whole game, so I didn't find it necessary. It's just good to know.


"A thousand years ago Dr. Dankworth created this island, and now she demands some breakfast."


Breakfast for Doctor Dankworth is a "Zelda-like", an action-adventure game where you explore a small island and find new items that will let you go places you couldn't get before. You also fight enemies and do that kind of stuff.

The game was written in TypeScript without any additional Html5 libraries, just pure canvas rendering functionality. 

Source code on Github:

Development log


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okay, the end was kind of wtf there.
but great game either way! :-)

WOW! Really smooth gameplay. Perfect controls. This game has a great feel to it. I like the artwork and animation. You did a spectacular job!

Fun, but once I died, I got trapped here:

I'd like to play more!

That should not be possible. If you die, you'll be sent to the previous checkpoint, which is either the starting point or a place where you had found an item. Buuuut if it happened to you, I guess it's possible, but I have no idea how to fix that...

Anyways, thanks for reporting.

Thanks for replying.