A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The leaderboard is offline one hour every day, about 20-22 GMT +3. So if you get error code (other than 60, which is bad), it probably means the server is offline, so wait for an hour or two and try again)



It's a game of goat. Includes an online leaderboard with max 10 names.



  • Arrow keys or left stick: Move
  • Z or (A): Jump
  • X or (B): Ram
  • Enter or (Start): Pause

( ( . ) stands for a button in a gamepad)


Source code: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/GOAT

Install instructions

Any: If you have problems with graphics, open properties.conf and change vsync to 0. May or may not help.

Linux 64: Run run.sh. If it says some .so files are missing, report me and I'll add the missing .so files.


Windows 3 MB
Linux (64-bit only) 2 MB


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Fun little game. We didnt really get the jewy aesthetic but whatever

killbill@BigDesktop:~/doomtest/goat_0-9-9c_linux64$ ./run.sh
./goat: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcurl.so.4: version `CURL_OPENSSL_3' not found (required by ./goat)

Recommend making a Mac version btw, got some friends that wanna play but only have a Mac to use :7

Let's not GOAT around amirite LOL! I've been exiled so someone else had to play this game for me! ;-; 

i think im getting better :D

Love it!! It's fun and let me just say I love the music!!

what is error code 60?

Played a bit of this! I'm not-so-good at it. :P

First bit of Gameplay, I'm still trash at it oops


There will be a moment where you figure out exactly how to time the headbutts and the game will get way more manageable.

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I've been working on that now, thanks :>

I actually love this style and the audio. If you see Grease in the leaderboard, that's me. I'm aiming for at least fifth place

Hey everybody, it's yer boy Patrick, number 1 ranked GOAT player in the entire world. I started playing and liked it but got obsessed with getting my name on the leaderboard after someone left a really bad slur on it (you should, uh, probably be on the lookout for that) and knew I needed to knock it off. Then I knew I had to knock Verbante off the number 1 spot.

Boom. Next goal is 10,000 then I can retire with my name in the history books as the true GOAT.

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Hey, Patrick. My leaderboard doesn't work so I wanted to post here to let you know that I crushed your dreams by becoming a true GOAT before you. If it's  gonna make you feel less sad, it took me a bazillion tries. Verbante out.

You are a monster in every sense of the word, holy cow.

I, uh, hmmm...don't think I'll top this.


I Really Enjoyed This. Reminds Me Of The Retro Games

Love all your vids @EyeDisconnected I found out about you a few days ago Hatchimals Nightmares and now I watch all your videos.

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Thanks Man I greatly appreciate It