A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Jelly Goblin Factory is a puzzle game where you move jelly goblins and try to connect them with cogs. The game is an HD remix of my older game, The Great Goblin Party (okay, I made it about a month ago, but it's still an older game!), with more stages (45 vs original 12) and some gameplay fixes (now the turn limit is optional and required only for the gold star aka perfect clear).


Arrow keys for movement, space or enter for accepting things. R for restart.


Gamepad is disabled by default (for technical reasons). You get it working (possibly) by opening app.cfg and setting "enable_joystick" to 1. You may have to change joystick axes in controls.cfg.

Known bugs:

IMPORTANT! If you beat a level and then choose "Retry", and then decide to return to the stage menu without completing the stage again, the game thinks you didn't complete the stage in the first place.


I recommend turning it off, it's pretty monotonous. 

Source code:

The source code is available on GitHub:


Install instructions


Run "game.exe" on Windows. Your antivirus may not trust the application (it's very common with exes built with MinGW), but run it nevertheless. 

Linux: (64-bit only):

Run "run.sh". To get audio, you must install libogg and libvorbis libraries (or whatever names they have), I still haven't managed to figure out what .so files I should deliver with the binary.


jgf-win32-0.9.4.zip 2 MB
jgf-linux64-0.9.4.tar.gz 4 MB


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I thought you game was great and very challenging. 

For those of you who are wondering what gameplay of the game is like. I created a video that you can watch.

There is no voice over in the video.