NOTE: Click the space around the game canvas to get focus, so you can use keyboard in the web version


Known bug: If you reach the level 16 without using passwords, the game will crash after the level 15 with message "File not found". Workaround: write down the password of floor 15, reset the game, choose "Password", input the password and now beat the stage 15. Map 16 should load normally now.



Mama Soybean's Delicious Oyster Sauce is a small puzzle game for MS-DOS. It has 16 levels, stupid background story and clumsy DOS-era gameplay with eye-hurting CGA graphics.

The game was written in C using OpenWatcom compiler.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Enter/Space: Select in menu
  • R: Restart
  • Escape: Quit stage

Install instructions

The downloadable binary version requires DOSBox to run


MSDOS build 34 kB


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A nice little challenging game. I played the first couple of levels and even got it working full screen. Totally reminds of the REPTON days from the BBC Model B.

Thanks DEVS
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Great game. I think it about an hour to beat. Thanks!