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Huh, for some reason this game doesn’t work on firefox right now. I remember playing it before. Console says that it failed to load every script in enemies/. I wonder if you can reproduce and maybe try to fix the issue? But that’s probably not possible, i don’t even know what’s wrong…

Oh, nevermind, ad-blocker is being funny..

I have two quick criticisms: It's hard to grab ladders while jumping and coins falling away from you (and into a pit).

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I finished the game. The navigation was not fun at the end. I agree with the doors/teleporters comments. Also, I think those purple block one-way parts should be replace by something you can unlock rather than use once.

I didn't know how to get past the spike/ball/fire section without just getting hit by the balls and continuing up.

Thank you for making satisfying story and dialogue. I was worried it was just going to be a throwaway gag but it ended up being kinda sweet.

Other indie games have made me paranoid to attack what look like innocent creatures for fear of punishment. The slimes and bunnies look like they have pacifiers and don't directly attack you....

WILL THERE BE A SEQUEL(please say yes)

I had issues with the audio while recording, and the video is muted, but I managed to complete this wonderful game without taking any hits or damage. It took quite a few attempts, and it was very entertaining for me to take on this challenge. Congratulations on this fantastic game!


Hi! I'm a writer for GameRant and wanted to let you know that I've included One Last Adventure in an article on the best platform games on itch. I've included the article link if you wanted to give it a read, or you can find it on my twitter @Nyah_Payne. Had a blast playing! Given the amount of great platform games you have on here, it's a very well earned spot! Hope you're able to keep up the great game dev work :D


If anybody needs a walkthrough, here it is:
With timestamps for each progression item

Remove the Gamepad (any) tag since it doesn't work

You mean that your gamepad does not work? What kind of gamepad you have? I have tested the game with Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepads and they worked fine.

(Also did I accidentally put Gamepad (any) tag? I think that was a mistake, I have only tested Xbox-like gamepads)


everyone spells things wrong "you cqn infinit pogo really fan"


pretty good game! one thing that I think would be nice is if the doors appeared on the maps, maybe number them and let you switch between maps so you can easily see what door leads where? But I still really enjoyed the game!

That's a good suggestion, I try to remember that if I ever have time to make another metroidvania. Adding new features to the map in this game, however, is a bit hard, because I implemented the map a bit too late (I kind of forgot, I think) during the development, so the way the map is created is a bit complicated.



You cqn infinit pogo the boss to kill it in 3 seconds. Realy fun.


It's fun to see the places you can go expand more and more with each new item you get!

The battle balance is also exquisite, and with just a few less damage and attack delays and increased strength compared to the beginning, I didn't expect the endgame to be so easy!

I don't even feel like I can take the back route by using the move to higher ground from the aerial stomp!

Hey! I really love your games but I can't play this one with my Mac on either Safari or Chrome. Could I have tips on how to run it? For reference on chrome, it's stuck as initializing. On safari, the loading bar appears but gets stuck toward the end. 

Sorry for a bit late reply:

If you open the web console on Chrome (according to google it should be "Cmd + Option + J" on Mac, I don't have a Mac so I cannot check). What kind of errors you see? In theory the errors should be printed on the game screen if something goes wrong during the initialization, so it's hard to say why it won't load.

Thanks for the reply! That actually helped. Once I did the command, I found out by deduction that it was Adblock not letting it load fully. Got it to work now :)

 A good metroidvania just like ones you've made before.

You've been getting better and better with every title, my man, and I believe this is your BEST metroidvania up to date. Masterful world design as always, graphics are top notch and the whole game is incredibly fun to play. Great job! <3

This was a solid game but having played some of your other games it just felt like more of the same.  I think it is lacking something to make it really great.

Very fun game, but at the end there was a lot of blind searching, because I would get a new power like breaking the bricks or double jumping and I'd have to go through the entire map like 5 times to finally find the one new route I missed. But eventually I did complete it.

Finished! Really nice experience. I think the boss fight and the road to the boss were quite ok. The fight itself was easy, the road to the boss need some patience. Bit of an underwhelming end though, I think.

But the whole game was built beautifully. Nicely done!

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the level design is awesome and the graphics, wow. 

But the mechanics of the climbing is not working properly and this sucks. I am not able to complete the castle because most of the time I can't jump and climb at the same time, climbing works like 20% of the time and this makes it impossible to progress. In my opinion this game would make much more fun if you would decrease the difficulty. But nonetheless I enjoyed this game very much


It is actually working consistently, but it's really finnicky, three things I noticed. 

  1. If you jump towards a ladder, you have to repress up at the right time, if you keep it pressed during the jump it will not respond.
  2. The area where the ladder responds to up is quite narrow, in other words, the timing is quite specific.
  3. When you jump up a ladder through the top of a screen, you also have to repress quickly after the scrolling, otherwise you will fall down

So, I do fully agree with you, the climbing could be better. But that's really my only gripe in this game.

Great game. Congratulations!

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Really good game! The controls are spot-on and respond beautifully, all the rest, well done!

And yes, I have a question. Anyone got any hints on how to get to the magic crystal at the top (almost) right?

Edit: Never mind, looked at the timestamped walkthrough below, don't know why I missed that part of the map. Currently really annoyed by the road towards the boss ;-) 

Keep up the good work. Love how unlocking certain items will unlock portion of the map.


okay, after a certain point, despite the map, I jsut run in circles.
got the stone breaker, teleporters and such.
but I would jsut need another (second) jump upgrade since I just cant reah certain places, both in the caves and the normal world.
no idea where they are though :-/

There is a teleporter in the bottom part of the map in the normal world. You can get there by going to the room below the shop building, or around four rooms to the right from the starting spot (requires breaking three stone bricks). That teleporter will take you eventually to the double jump item.

thanks, i totally forgot to use that damn teleporter, even though I had discovered it before and had it shown on the map.

Now jsut beat the game, that final boss was.. jsut sad, didnt feel good to beat her(?) like this :'-(

I compiled the code on UBUNTU but what do I do to RUN the game locally? ? When I run index.html in browser, it just says Initializing.....

And sits there forever.

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You need to start a server in the root (for example, run

 python3 -m http.server

), and then open localhost:8000 in your browser (or whatever port you choose).

EDIT: I have added the instructions to the Github page.

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Okay that got it farther but still no go.
Now it goes to the blue screen with the white bar but it sits at
around 1/5th of the way there and the bar doesn't go further.
I have tried with FIREFOX and CHROME btw plus they both run it here.

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Oh, right, I forgot to include one thing: you need to install Git LFS ( to get access to the asset files. If you install it and then re-clone the repo, it should work.

EDIT: If git lfs does not work, I added a release (, where you can download the source code as a zip folder, and it should include all the asset files "normally". Then you can just copy the asset folder from there.

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I've tried 3 different ways, it's still just sitting there at the white bar.
I even completely removed everything & recloned the repo as well as
downloading the new v1.0.0 files and trying both source and dist.
I looked at LFS and it talks about selecting file types LFS is to manage.
I ran a few of the suggested options but nothing helped.
Could you please give the exact commands that one would execute from
shell to fully clone the repo with all assets and paths intact plus make sure
LFS is installed properly and linked to everything needed?
I feel there's something I'm not getting set up properly. Thank you!

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Hmm, that's weird, it should work. If you open the files in, say, image editor, do you get corrupted images or see the pictures properly? Because if you see the pictures properly, then git lfs is not the issue, but something else.

If you have all the required tools installed, the list of command should be the following:

git clone
cd one-last-adventure
make server

You can check that git-lfs is installed properly by typing " git-lfs " to the terminal. If it says the command is not recognized, then git-lfs is not installed properly.

Then you should just open the browser and type localhost:8000. It might be needed to open the web console and disable cache in "Network" tab.

Speaking of the web console, if you open the web console (Ctr+Alt+I), do you get some errors? If you only see the white bar, it should mean that some files failed to load. Other option is that you have incorrect version of node-js installed and TypeScript compiler produces faulty js code (very unlikely, though).

I don’t know why you keep blessing us with these amazing Metroidvanias, but it’s great as always. Loved the level design in this one, constantly passing things I can’t do yet to find the one new path forward. Physics and art feel great as always. Would love to get a full length MV from you one day, easy day one purchase !

I think small metroidvanias allows Jani to try different things (map/enemies/magic/shops) which is good, and in big metroidvania he will have to choose what to use for whole game (you can't change game's main idea mid-game, right?)

i know. i love mini-vanias. But I would love to play a scaled up version, plus it would be available to a wider audience AND compensate him better for his work

Deserves a #metroidvania tag.

I had a fantastic time playing this game! I made an engaging video and a detailed review. Your subscription to my YouTube channel would be greatly appreciated!

Indie Game Review: One Last Adventure Gameplay & Review (2023) - YouTube

I love how confidently this wears its influences on its sleeve. Polished work!


Just one question... one last adventure, is just a name, right?


One could hope so, although each year I have less and less time for game development...

Kickstarter! Let’s get a big paid project going!


top quality as alway , plays great !


Hi! I can't explain how long did i wait for this! This is another cool metroidvania by you! But it's not "another" because this one is much more confusing lol.. I got lost... i enabled fans and portals, i think i tried to get everywhere, but i can't find where i can go.

If you have fans and portals enabled, you should be able to find a stronger sword and then, with that, double jump boots, and then you should be able to find the four magic gems that will unlock the door to the final level.

Yes, I agree that this game can be very confusing. It's surprisingly hard to make a metroidvania that feels intuitive in the sense that the player always has an idea where to go next (I think this is also true for many commercial metroidvanias, I have stopped playing so many of them because I have got completely stuck!)

Thanks for your message, but, like, can you at least say is stronger sword in dungeon...? Or where should i go to find it? (left/right/up/down/farm a lot of money and buy everything in shop...)

I'm in the same predicament. Creator pls help

There is a locked door on the top-right corner of the map. There is a huge tree leading there. This door will lead you to the sword eventually. And to find the key that unlocks the door, you need to find running shoes and then go to the caves near the place where you found the magic book.

(Now that I write these things down, I sure realize how confusing this game can be. Sorry about that, I try to remember this next time I make a game!)

where are shoes .. lol...

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Remember the place where you enabled the fans (one room from the top, four rooms from the left)? Just keep going left from there (one room down and maybe three or four rooms to the left). You should find an entrance to the caves. It will lead you directly to the shoes.

I was blind. Hint: all the way to the left. Cave

I found the first pair of boots but those just let you jump higher a bit, right?

I didnt read all the texts , was soemthing said about a button to double jump? :O

Double jump is a powerup you have to find, don't remember where