Operation Fungus Remix is a remix of a game I made over four years ago.  Due to lack of time, this remix only contains the first mission, and very likely I will never have time to add more stages.

The field theme is a remixed version of the original, other music are from the original game. They might later get replaced with proper remixes.

1) Controls:

  • Arrow keys or left analogue stick or dpad: move around
  • Z or (A): Shoot
  • X or (B): Evade
  • C or (X): Melee attack with a sword
  • Enter or (Start): Pause game

( × ) stands for a gamepad button. Most gamepads supporting Xinput should work.

2) Supported browsers

Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, like Opera and Chrome, are supported. The game might work on Edge, but definitely does/should not work on Safari.

3) Source code

The source code can be found here: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/operation-fungus-remix

AuthorJani Nykänen
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Awesome game! We included it in our video if you're interested to see!

I really like this game the only thing I personally would've liked is the ability to move with wasd and shoot with the mouse.

The game plays smooth on my gamepad but I can't use the sword function. I'm going to try again later with the keyboard.

BUG REPORT: Choosing "No" for the Audio Option gives me a black screen and no more progress. Choosing "Yes" allows me to play the game.

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It's weird that the sword does not work. What kind of gamepad you have? And did you try all the buttons? In my gamepads the sword button is X, but on some other gamepads (or other browsers, even), the button might be something else.

Also, thank you for the bug report, apparently I forgot to test what happens if I disable the audio, heh. Let's see if I can fix that...

EDIT: Okay, the audio bug is now fixed.

Where is the original Operation Fungus?


Since it's not on Itch.io, I did not share the link in the description.

Ok, thank you. As it turned out it was in gamejolt.

Very interesting game. A Shoot-em-Up game with RPG elements. But is short & need more levels.