(You can find the original js13k version here: http://js13kgames.com/entries/puzzleggs)

PUZZLEggs is a puzzle game where you play as some kind of bird who collects eggs for some purpose. Saving them from evil... I don't know, multidimensional vortex, maybe? Anyways, you must collect every egg in the stage and then return to the starting point to proceed to the next level.

Complete edition is, like the name suggests, a complete version of the original js13k game, including:

  • Two new stages (added before the final stage)
  • Sound effects & music
  • Some animation fixes


  • Arrows keys: move
  • R: Restart stage
  • Enter: Accept or pause


In the case you forgot a password you can find them here. (I did not use localStorage since last time I used it some people couldn't play my game due to some weird security issues)

Stage 1: 00000
Stage 2: 50077
Stage 3: 55144
Stage 4: 45211
Stage 5: 60288
Stage 6: 40355
Stage 7: 65422
Stage 8: 35499
Stage 9: 70566
Stage 10: 30633
Stage 11: 75700
Stage 12: 25777
Stage 13: 80844
Stage 14: 20911
Stage 15: 85988

Source code on Github: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/puzzleggs-complete


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Love the game! Fun and innovative puzzles!

nice :)