A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Current version: 0.91. Missing features: Music. Sound effect when the gun is out of charge.

RabbitREMIX is an arcade game with bunnies and mushrooms and stuff (if you think of it, a lot of things does not make sense in this game, but hey, it's a game, after all). I created it to demonstrate the software renderer I had written in C.


  • Left/right arrow: Move
  • Down arrow: Quick fall
  • Z (on air, press): Double/"air" jump
  • Z (hold after air jump): Flip your ears
  • X (press): Shoot a bullet
  • X (hold and release): Shoot a giant bullet
  • Space: Self-destruct. Having at least two bars full in the star meter gives you an extra life. Use this strike to gain a lot of points
  • Enter: Pause

Xinput gamepads (you know, Xbox pads and the cheap copies of them) are supported. Use thumbstick or dpad for movement, A for (air) jumping, B for shooting, LB (the left shoulder button) for self-destruct

Known bugs:

  • Floating point exception happens sometimes, crashing the game. Probably caused by division by zero (or "A mod 0" for some integer A, which is basically the same thing)
  • Sometimes sound effects stop too early or are not played at all
  • On some Windows devices the fullscreen mode does not work properly, that is a portion of the game window is located behind the taskbar

Source code on Github: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/rabbit-remix

Install instructions


Run "rabbit.exe" 


Run "run.sh". If some .so files are missing, tell me so I can fix it.


rabbitREMIX-win32-091.zip 2 MB
rabbitREMIX-linux64-091.tar.gz 5 MB

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