A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

(You can quit the application by either closing the window or pressing Ctrl+Q)

A technical demo of a software renderer I programming in C for whatever reason. It can render nice 3D mazes with 6-bit color palette, dithering, darkness, 2D sprites in 3D space and... well, that's it.

This will never be a full game, although I'll probably use the technology/code base in another project someday.

Install instructions

Linux users: install SDL2 and SDL_Image. Google will help. 

If you are using 32-bit Linux, you must build from source (source building currently only works on Linux, I have Windows makefiles somewhere, but I don't think anyone wants to build the Windows version from source)


soft3D_tech_demo_release_win32.zip 646 kB
soft3D_tech_demo_release_linux64.tar.gz 49 kB
soft3D_source.tar.gz 49 kB

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