A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The Adventures of Mad Mad Maniac is a short platformer that parodizes 80's bad platformers by simply being a bad platformer. It's short, ugly - it uses Commodore 64's color palette and 160x200 resolution that is scaled to 320x200 -, has no story and the gameplay is awkward. Just like in 80's!

Controls are described in game (see "Help" in the main menu or the "Pause" screen)

Gamepads are supported, but only one gamepad (Logitech F310) is tested, but most Xbox-like pads should work.


TAOMMM_release_build1_linux64.tar.gz 7 MB
TAOMMM_release_build1_win32.zip 5 MB


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This was actually pretty fun. Plus I like old Commodore 64 games.

I wouldn't mind seeing a propper game of this. Also you could have at least made the boss able to hurt the player ya know : P