A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


The Faceless Mountain is a short rage-game where you climb a slippery mountain. Use your face (!) as a grappling hook to reach places where your poor jumping skills would never get you. Avoid enemies and spike traps. They cannot kill you, but they will knock you back, and of course you don't want to drown in the black ocean!


  • Arrow keys/Left stick/Dpad: Move character you look up/down
  • Z or (X): Run
  • X or (A): Jump
  • C or (Right Trigger): Shoot face
  • Enter or (Start): Pause game

Known bugs:

(IMPORTANT!) If you shoot your face and it refuses to return, press Enter and choose Restart. Then it should work normally.

Also, you might get stuck in spike traps. Too bad. Just restart the game and try again.

Source code:

The game was written in C# using Monogame game development library. 

The source code is available on Github: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/the-faceless-mountain

The build instructions might not be there yet, though.

Install instructions

Notes on Windows:

32-bit Windows not tested. Launching the game for the first time takes some noticeable time, unlike on Linux. Not sure what's causing it.

Running the game on Linux:

You need Mono (https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/) to run the application.  Running  sudo apt install mono-devel on Ubuntu should be enough to install Mono.

After installing Mono, just run run_linux.sh


If the game does not work on fullscreen mode, open config.xml and change fullscreen from true to false.


TFM_Release1.zip 19 MB


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way to hard to control, neat idea tho

This Game is absolutely amazing and funny! It made me rage every time I fell down but is still fun to play. Check it out on my channel:


Really fun game! The controls were weird at first but soon I got it and climbing up the mountain felt awesome and not too rage inducing. Grabbing on to ledges and swinging up them felt enjoyable and rewarding, and the level design was great, too!

I kinda wish you'd get a star on the menu or it'd show your best time after you beat it.

try and beat my time of 28 minutes... which should be easy actually lol