A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

(Note: the image above is indeed a gif, so if you tried to play it, congratulations.)

The Great Goblin Party is a tiny puzzle game where you help a bunch of underground goblins to have a party. What a great background story.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Enter: Pause/accept
  • Escape: Cancel/pause
  • R: Restart stage
  • F4 or Alt+Enter: Toggle fullscreen

The game was written in Go using SDL2 libraries. The whole project was done in eight or nine days from scratch.

Source code: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/the-great-goblin-party

Install instructions

Unzip the files first.

On Linux, just run run.sh. If it says some .so files are missing, you probably have to rename the files in lib folder. They should be correct, according ldd, but I cannot say for sure.

The Windows version is 64-bit only.


tggp-win64.zip 5 MB
tggp-linux64.tar.gz 7 MB

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