"When dreams die, they are buried in an unnamed graveyard beyond the world of dreams.
However, some dreams are so powerful they refuse to remain dead.
We call them nightmares."

A Graveyard for Dreams is a pixelart metroidvania you never asked for, but got it nonetheless. You play as some... thing... that explores the World of Dreams to do stuff. And things. You know how it goes.


Gamepad controls are mentioned inside parenthesis ( ). 

  • Move: Arrow keys or (left stick) or (dpad)
  • Jump: Z or (A)
  • Attack (requires a weapon): X or (X)
  • Throw a boomerang (requires a weapon): C or (B)
  • Pause: Enter or (Start) (or whatever it is called in an ordinary Xbox 360 pad, I have 8BitDo SN30 Pro where it is called start...)
  • Open a map (requires a map, obviously): Left shift or (shoulder buttons) (you know, L and R)

Special moves are described in-game. If you have a non-QWERTY keyboard, the keyboard keys should be those with corresponding locations, but possibly with different character in them.

Known bugs:

  • Only <missing symbol>  more to go" or "Only 0 more to go" when obtaining orbs
  • A bug that might still exist: if you play the game on slower hardware (that is, 60 framerate cannot be maintained), sometimes the cursor in menus may skip some lines

Unknown bugs:

The rest

Source code:

Here: https://github.com/jani-nykanen/a-graveyard-for-dreams

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorJani Nykänen
Made withTiled
TagsMetroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksSource code


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Wonderful game!  I love how the world gradually opens up as you gain abilities, and the treasure indicator was nice to satisfy my completionism towards the end.  I felt like it was a little on the easy side overall, but still quite a fun experience!

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Pretty good game, played it all the way through. One thing though, why do you have to press up on a disk and explicitly save the game? Why doesn't it always save automatically? I got quite a a bit into the game then closed the tab, and had to restart.


really great game, really liked it.
I just never found a way to get the 2 or 3 items hidden in the ground in the normal map, you know the lowest row of tiles of the normal map, couldnt find any way in there :-(


hey, i could help you get those, i can add you on discord and help you from there :)

hm , okay.
Even though I am not sure if I wanna replay the whole game just for these 2 or 3 left upgrades :-/


oh, you havent saved your game ? then its ok, i can help you, but its if you want :)

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nevermind, I saved. just that it was saved in the second world, where you cant return to the inital world sadly .
namely where you go after you got all the orbs.

yeah, we could talk on discord, would nonetheless know how to get to the items :-)
might even replay the whole game :-)

hey, sorry for not answering for a long time, here is my discord : blackdead287#5401

The way this game brings back so many elements from your past games...wow, i'm speechless. Fantastic Metroidvania as always, keep it up

Hello Jani, i love this game so much ! I was wondering, will you ever add content to it, or make a follow-up game? After the end, The hero could explore the word of the dead :o

also, i've noticed some glitches:

-if you take damage at the same time as entering a castle, you stay at 0 hearts without dying

-with a kinda hard timing, you Can down attack on the boss and get above the bossroom

-when you attack and then open a chest, tour sword is still visible 

there are other glitches but theyre too useful for me to tell you :p


Hi Jani, this game is awesome! We'd love to license A Graveyard For Dreams on CoolmathGames.com -- if you're interested, please email us at games@coolmath.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello CoolMathGame ! i'm a really big fan of this game, i've finished it countless time, and i was wondering if you could advertise the speedrun for this game to your best gamers :)

This game has a great vibe to it that fits right along with the game play, very well made.


I like it alot! It got that perfect retro feeling!

Here is my gameplay if you want to take a look :3

( I might have found a softlocked spot in the video?)

Hey i just wanted to let you know me and a few other are currently routing your game for speedruns and we just wanted you to know you have made a  beautiful speed game

please add me on discord :(

I don't understand how to get the stars

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Hey, Jani Nykänen !

I just wanted to say that I spent a really good time playing this game, and that I found it just amazing for its graphisms, its story, the dialogues, the gameplay, ...

Very good choices of colours, making the result attractive and keeping an eye on its goal (of course, keeping an eye...).

Well thought to have put a map, a treasure searcher. It was really helpful since the player goes from right to left and conversely as well as vertically, so, even if this amount of repetitive actions might discourage some players, the shop is there to help! (This might be and the strengh, and the weakness of the game, it depends on who is playing. It requires a lot of patience and cold blood)

The end is at the level of the rest of the game, I was really happy to see a victorious ending as well as a sad ending.

By the way, I loved the musics, and they fit perfectly in that type of work.

The game is in my point of view completely coherent and the ambiance will forever stay in my memory (and if I did not surrender playing this game, it means that I focussed in it, so, immersive ambiance... again : great job!).

(Okay... I speak too much of how much I find this wonderful, but it is my type of universe and of game, so, ...)

Thanks a lot for this experience, I'll try your other games for sure!   :D

Reminds me one of my favourite ones: Banana Prince (Childhood NES memories) :)

Hey devs,

I gave it a shot! Love the atmosphere of the game, it really feels like one of those retro platformers i used to play as a kid. I love that the world wraps around, very nice touch. I did encounter one issue a bit later on but it was pretty minor. Hopefully I can beat the game in the next episode :). Keep up the great work!


My gameplay:

stunning game , this sets the standard of how a quality puzzle platformer should be ... cant fault it !

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I had one key left and I got a bad ending. Did I miss something? The end screen didn't leave me any choice but to close the window/tab.

UPDATE: I found where I didn't use the key. Will update soon.


The "bad ending" is actually the only ending in this game. If you had a key left, it would have just taken you a special room where you could have obtained something nice, but not another ending.

Thanks. I finished the game twice just in case.

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When I try to save by pressing up on a disk, it says it doesn't work...

This happens if your browser's security settings do not allow accessing local storage when the application is embedded in an iframe. I cannot fix this in my code, so you can either

1) Try another browser (are you using Firefox, perhaps, because in my earlier projects people have had similar issues on Firefox, although on default settings it should work fine on Firefox)

2) Change your security settings (not sure which ones, though)

3) Try this direct link: https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/3116072/index.html It's a link to the web page itch.io embeds inside the iframe, so saving should possibly work there

I did have some security running that didn't allow saves. It works now.

That does mean I finished the game but lost all my progress XD

i really fun game with nice graphics and fighting style i really liked what i have played so far and is hyped for what at the end