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Super fun.  Thx.

Very cool game. – Please add deadzone for the gamepad controls though. It’s very annoying to let go of the joystick and have the player tiptoeing to the right! Makes it super hard to shoot people to the left of you also…

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 12: Metroidvanias

I feel bad for killing the giant eyeball. It really seems like she didn't do anything wrong. Then again, I still killed her in spite of that.

I really enjoyed the game. Thank you!

Is there anything past "The End" or is it like an old NES game? Is there is more than one ending?

Nope, there is nothing beyond "The End" screen, and no secret ending.

Awesome game!

I noticed for my gamepad, I could not change the slide direction. It would just go whatever direction was last pressed on the keyboard only.

What gamepad were you using, and what browser (and OS)? The gamepad support isn't very great right now since there are too many different gamepads (and even different Xbox-like gamepads - that in theory should work in an identical way - act differently on the same browser) and every browser has a little different gamepad API implementation (for example, Firefox thinks dpad has two axes, Opera consideres dpad normal buttons)

I played the game through with my gamepads on two different browsers, and it worked fine, so in theory it should work with Xbox-like gamepads...

it was a great game, and with the idea that there may have been other peace of the puzzle that you havn't found :) nice game!


I had to luxury of playing this for the first gameplay video of 2020 on my youtube channel and I can say that the game is well done and it shocking to me that this is only a browser game. I would love to see this make it's way from browser to PC and Console. This was truly wonderful to play and I enjoy it alot.

For those who are interested in game play of the game I am including my gameplay video here:

Looking forward to see more of your projects in the future.

Wow, this is awesome so much mechanics and it feels really polished and engaging! Also the lore is very interesting.

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This Game Is AWESOME

loved it , excellent !


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